“Do not drive over your feelings” – Sebastien Loeb

I’m Musharraf Tooreea, a student of Curtin Mauritius and currently studying a Bcom in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. Motorsports has always been a great hobby of mine since a very young age and I have always been attracted to sports cars. My Dad bought me my first remote controlled car when I was 4 years old, giving rise to my addiction to racing cars. When I was seven years old my dad brought me to a Rally event in Plaine Champagne, Mauritius and it was at that moment when I developed my true passion for Rallying. As I grew older, I had another perception of my passion. I went deeply into that world and learnt many aspects of the rally. Another major factor that has driven me into this passion is the adrenaline rush that spun through me when driving a racing or rally car. At the age of 13, I started with Karting from the bottom line and when I was 18 years old I got my driving license and after gaining 1 year of driving experience officially on the road, my father bought me my first racing car which was a Mitsubishi Evolution 9. It was since then when I started really to make good practice and training to become a rally driver. Being on the Steering Wheel of my Evo for track days, its where all my training sessions started. The track days help me on a constant basis to improve my driving skill and each time on the track, I learn new techniques. I’m always ready to acquire knowledge and expertise from my elders.

I am a big fan of Sebastien Loeb and Citroën Racing team. Sebastien Loeb is a nine times world champion for World Rally Championship. I am inspired by the World Champion for his driving skills. Loeb is one of the most successful rally driver in the history of rally. Recently the outstanding driver has launched its own team namely, Sebastien Loeb Racing team. And I think any driver who shares the same passion would dream to be part of the Sebastien Loeb racing team as racing driver. Being part of this fabulous team is best thing that can ever happen to me.