One of the most important aspect of performing well in a rally is the setting up and adjustments of the car. Many settings of the car need to be adjusted as per the driver. The Car geometry settings will improve the stability of the car and indeed the the rally car will be more precise and faster in corners.

Firstly, the ride height of the rally car is very important. The ride height is adjusted as per the conditions of the track. For example, if the a car is performing on gravel the ride height should be higher than that of tarmac. Moreover, for most of the rally car the engine is set in the front of the car, so the front of the car should be higher compared to the back of the car for correct balancing. On the Tarmac Rally, the car should be lowered in general to improve its stability and for proper gain in cornering and also for better feeling of the car.

Another important part of the setting up of the car geometry is the adjustment of the camber. For setting up the camber, there are three ways of adjusting it. These types of camber include the negative, neutral and positive. Negative cambers will enhance the car in terms of more grip and traction but this type of camber includes the increased in terms of tyres wear. Neutral camber will improve the performance of the car for better acceleration and braking improvements. Positive Camber set up is for more daily use car. For a rally driver to have the correct set up of the camber, it requires him to have great experience of his car and also of what he is capable of and his strength base on the track condition.