One of the greatest challenges for a Rally event to take place is to ensure the safety of the public. During the event, the chief Safety officer has assigned several safety Marshals on different spot of the stage. These Marshals are trained by the officers of Federation International de L’automobile (FIA) for them to know their roles during a stage. These Marshals are also responsible for the positioning of the public on the stage. They must make sure that the spectators are well settled on the stage and if they are in the safe zone to enjoy the Rally.

Another Challenge about the safety of the rally also include the good setting up of the rally car to ensure the safety of the crew in the car.  A roll cage is compulsory in a rally car for it to be able to participate in the competition. The roll cage built in a rally car must comply with the FIA regulations.  The purpose of the roll cage is to protect the occupant of the rally car. The roll cage comprises of metal bar made with strong metal and also light weight which also known as T45 metal.  The roll cage is designed in such a way to provide the the crew onboard with a three dimensional protection. The metal bars are designed to withstand severe impact in case of a crash incident. The World Rally Championship car is equipped with the custom cages roll cage.